Promoting and growing Alberta's agricultural supply managed industries.
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Who We Are

Alberta Supply Management provides Albertans with high quality, locally grown products that adhere to Canada's strict safety standards. We help reduce your global footprint by bringing your food source closer to your table. Dairy, egg, hatching egg, turkey and chicken producers are dependent on this highly effective system and are collectively known as SM5.

Over the years, Canada's Supply Management model has provided a stable environment within which these industries have been able to meet the challenges of respond and adapt to changing domestic markets and international trade rules.

Three Pillars of Supply Management

Production Management

Producers plan production to ensure that a steady supply of quality product is available to meet consumer demand. This balance between supply and demand ensures price stability in the domestic market.

Import Controls

Tariff rate quotas are applied to any imported product in accordance with our obligations under the agreement of the World Trade Organization, which ensures a predictable supply of imports.

Pricing Mechanism

Producers receive prices that provide a reasonable return, which enables farmers to cover production costs and does not rely on government or taxpayer subsidies.

Producers are thus empowered to deal as equals with the small number of large processors who buy their food.

Our Support for Farm Safety

A vast majority of Alberta’s poultry and dairy farms are family operated.  Our industries believe in fair labour practices and are committed to ensuring that farm workers are treated equitably and safely.  We promote a proactive approach to farm safety, particularly through continuous education and training, and support the ongoing efforts of the Alberta Farm Safety Council.